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Upcoming Events

Engineer your WHY in Magnificent Muskoka 26/04/2014
Starting-up an IT Company in Healthcare 06/05/2014
The Vintage Conservatory
The Future of IT in Healthcare 10/06/2014
The Vintage Conservatory

Past Events

The power of Social Media in Healthcare 15/04/2014
C'est What
Chinese New Year Dinner & Talk - Ontario eHealth Strategy & Initiatives 11/02/2014
Very Fair Seafood Cuisine
Institute of Mech. Eng. Dinner and Lecture: Nanotechnology: The next big thing is really small 29/11/2013
North York Novotel
Introduction to IT in Healthcare 29/10/2013
The Vintage Conservatory
AGM & Dinner 18/09/2013
The Vintage Conservatory
Future of IT in Finance 11/06/2013
The Vintage Conservatory
Extreme Technology In Finance 07/05/2013
The Vintage Conservatory
Point & Click Programming: is it really programming? 16/04/2013
The Vintage Conservatory
Chinese New Year Dinner & Talk 20/02/2013
Very Fair Seafood Cuisine
IMechE host Supper & Speaker 23/11/2012
North York Novotel

Welcome to the BCS in Upper Canada community portal.


"Upper Canada" is one of a growing number of overseas sections of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, promotes wider social and economic progress through the advancement of information technology science and practice serving over 70,000 members including practitioners, businesses, academics and students, in the UK and internationally.

The BCS is furthermore part of the Engineering Council UK (ECUK) the regulating body for engineers, technologists and technicians. The ECUK is affiliated with ESOEPE, FEANI, EurEta and the International Register of Professional Engineers.


We serve the BCS membership community in the Southern Ontario area of Canada.
The purpose of this web-presence is to inform our members, and the general IT community, of our activities in this region.

We also strive to provide services and facilities which are of interest for our members and allow them to stay connected in a geographically broad region.

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The World Wide Web was proposed in 1989 March 12th, by (Sir) Tim as a way to easily disseminate information. A little memo, a simple diagram, and 25 years on, how could we live without it?



Have a CEng and want a PEO?  Here is a clear perspective on the challenges you will face.



Chinese New Year Lecture, a great success!

Our presenter Glenn Lanteigne CEO Tectonic Advisory Services Inc. Provided an excellent insight into Ontario's eHealth strategies and opportunities. Glenn's light hearted, yet very informative style engaged the audience. Glenn provided an overview of COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association and the professional career paths and opportunites that are in demand across Canada.

The audience was made up of BCS members and also members from IMechE and the IET. 27 professionals in attendance. All in all a great event. The presentation is located under Meeting & Events, Chinese New Year.





Use this link to see the BCSinUC membership within Ontario.



A great first lecture in our IT in Healthcare Program

Our speaker Sheila Carroll, CEO for MED e-care Healthcare Solutions  provided an excellent overview of IT in healthcare. It was great to see the comparison with banking and the potential of Health IT to come.
You'll be very pleased to know that we bettered our previous attendance record (47 attendees) of which 22 were BCS Upper Canada branch members, 2 attendees from IET and the remaining guests made up largely of IT and Finance professionals.
The Vintage Conservatory is proving to be an excellent venue, thanks to Ian Kay of the Mirillion Group - the lovely Vintage Conservatory in downtown Toronto. 
One last thank you to Voitek Pendrak of Faulty Pixel for taking the wonder pictures.
Keep an eye on Event schedule for our Chinese New Year lecture updates.




One of the highlights of visiting the National Museum of Computing at Beltchley Park is to see a placard highlighting the "firsts" in computing. The very first entry, looks like a bowling ball amongst some electronics. Probably because that is what it is!

This was the very first trackball. Built by Canadians:)




For those who attended the October lecture, you will remember how the speaker referred to humans as being the only species able to capture and pass along knowledge.

Bletchley Park is a testament to how knowledge can be buried and forgotten. As can the accomplishments of some extraordinary people. Catch the TVO series on Bletchley Park to see how extraordinary people did extraordinary things, such as create the first electronic computer.

Now, ask yourself: how do you capture and pass along knowledge? And how do others pass along knowledge to you?




Great way to end the lecture series - our first year of a three year program.

Attendance: 42 (incl. 11 BCS Members)

We hope to see the Professor again in our next series of Lectures...



A big thank you to Andrew MacArthur of RBC Capital Markets for his presentation on: Reference Data Management
Attendance: 21 (Incl. of 18 BCS Members)

And also to George for his event and restaurant orgnasiation skills and the wonderful spread throughout the evening.

Finally a great turn out - everyone who booked came along - thank you!

Next event: Point & Click Programming: is it really programming?
Please book your place here...


Great event yesterday - certainly the biggest turnout since I have been Secretary!

Attendance: 28 (Incl. 10 BCS members)

The fb event drove addtional numbers - I'll push LinkedIn also for the next event.


Thanks you to Ian Kay once again for the venue - looking forward to him hosting our next talk in 3 weeks time!

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