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Past Events

Canada 150 Celebration 17/10/2017
Royal Canadian Military Institute
BCS in Upper Canada AGM 2017 03/10/2017
Royal Canadian Military Institute
Banking on Digital Disruption 29/05/2017
Royal Canadian Military Institute
Lessons in Disruption from the Asian eCommerce Market 28/02/2017
Royal Canadian Military Institute
Digitial Disruption- A journey of now! 25/01/2017
Royal Canadian Military Institute
BCS in Upper Canada AGM 27/09/2016
Royal Canadian Military Institute
The impact of the digital world on print media. 17/05/2016
Cambridge Club, Oak Room
Movie Making on a Shoestring 12/04/2016
One Park Lane - Function Room
Games Development With Gavin Whitlock of Ubisoft 08/03/2016
One Park Lane - Function Room
Chinese New Year Dinner 11/02/2016
Peking Man Chinese Restaurant

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"Upper Canada" is one of a growing number of overseas sections of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT.

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We serve the BCS membership community in the Southern Ontario area of Canada.
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Jim Love, CIO and Chief Content Officer – IT World Canada delivered a great and very expansive introduction into Digital Disruption at our first 2017 event. Jim talked about the need to forget our past models of reference as we move to this new era of digital. No body has the answer to success, the environment is changing every day. Jim talked about how IT World  Canada took the very big step to drop conventional paper to move to a digital business model, even when revenue was steady. We had an excellent turn out of some 40 attendees.



Who would have thought that CAD/CAM could be fun AND informative?




We have seen the Future of IT in Manufacturing, and in some ways, it is scary.

Everything to do with your company can now be monitored. From the CEO to the accountant and the person fixing a broken truck. Each component of a truck can be monitored, and the data fed back into the mass of data that is used to generate Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The CEO can now see a KPI that is not being met, and drill down to find that it is, say, due to a truck being taken in for unscheduled maintenance, causing a block in the supply chain. The VP can do the same, as can the Director, and the Manager of Maintenance. The manager can look at the history of the truck to find that it has been idling for long periods of time, driven aggressively, and run with low oil levels. The person fixing the truck can see this information too, and with their special glasses, be given a series of checks to perform, as well as seeing how to do the checks. The manager can also monitor how the work is being performed.

Which raises the first question. With all this information being collected, what use will be made of it? Say you are working on the truck, and skin your knuckles undoing a bolt, which causes you to let off a stream of expletives. Will that show up on your next performance appraisal? Or on YouTube? Or in court, because of your choice of expletives?

The second question concerned the CEO. If they are looking at the KPI's, built from millions of data points across the globe, are they really managing the company? Or is the software managing the CEO?

Great questions, due to Glenn Sawyer giving a great presentation.

But the best contrast came from someone you used to drive dump trucks carrying 80,000lbs loads. However, for the rest of the story, check with someone who was there. Trust me, it is a great story.



SAP Canada - The Future of IT in Manufacturing
Glenn Sawer, the SAPs National Director for SCM & Manufacturing provided us with an excellent and informative update on how SAP is providing IoT solutions in the mining and motorcycle industry. A very interesting presentation, full of audio visual delights of Harley motorcycle manufacturing and big earth movers. A well attended event with humourous discussion and debate between the 15 attendees.


Trends in Computer Aided Design & Digital Manufacturing.
Michael Gardiner,  Director Industry Strategy, Siemens Digital Factory provided an informative and engaging presentation on innovation and digitization strategies for Canadian manufacturers. CAD/CAM has come along way since the early 90s, the world of digitization presents many opportunities across the manufacturing sector. A well attended event, with great interaction with the speaker.




MANUFACTURING QUALITY - A Risk Management Perspective

John Penkala, President of the Sonic Group, provided an entertaining and informative lecture on Risk Management for manufacturing quality assurance. An overview of the ISO9001:2205 changes was given, along with a risk management and strategic perspective on quality risk management as a competitive necessity, with case studies. John's presentation was well received by our audience of 16.



CHINESE NEW YEAR - Moon on a Dime

We had Peter Visscher, PEng, BESc. Chief Technology Officer Argo Vehicle, Space, and Robotics @ ODG,  provided an insight to vehicle design and testing for space discovery missions, including a humorous exposé of testing in various regions of the world, such as Hawaii. A well attended February event with approx. 25 interested, future space evangelists enjoying the ambience and excellent talk. Peter kept it light hearted and on the upside, even though his team had many challenges to overcome.




ANDY BYFORD TTC CEO - Manufacturing Change           

 We had the pleasure of hearing Andy Byford at the Cambridge Club in October, with a record turnout of some 40 like minded professionals interested in how the TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) is being transformed. Andy provided an overview of his career in London and Australia transportation services and how this influenced the TTC vision. for enabling change through new services, people, technology and culture. A very interesting and humorous account of everything from changing organization culture to his passionate focus on Customer Service.






Chinese New Year Lecture, a great success!

Our presenter Glenn Lanteigne CEO Tectonic Advisory Services Inc. Provided an excellent insight into Ontario's eHealth strategies and opportunities. Glenn's light hearted, yet very informative style engaged the audience. Glenn provided an overview of COACH: Canada’s Health Informatics Association and the professional career paths and opportunites that are in demand across Canada.

The audience was made up of BCS members and also members from IMechE and the IET. 27 professionals in attendance. All in all a great event. The presentation is located under Meeting & Events, Chinese New Year.



For those who attended the October lecture, you will remember how the speaker referred to humans as being the only species able to capture and pass along knowledge.

Bletchley Park is a testament to how knowledge can be buried and forgotten. As can the accomplishments of some extraordinary people. Catch the TVO series on Bletchley Park to see how extraordinary people did extraordinary things, such as create the first electronic computer.

Now, ask yourself: how do you capture and pass along knowledge? And how do others pass along knowledge to you?

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