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This space is provided to publish professional profiles of membership community. The biographies are written and published by members themselves. The content is sole responsibility of the individual authors.

Biography of Frank Boesche

Dipl-Ing. Frank Boesche FBCS CITP ITIL-F MCSE-I

VP, Prestige Performance Consulting Ltd

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Mr Boesche's career follows that of a classic self-starter. He comes from an engineering background and pursued the IT path for more than 19 years by combining engineering disciplines, passion for innovation, process efficiencies and business value of technology. His exposure to IT leads back to the mid 80's.

He graduated as Diplom Ingenieur Engineering Physics, from the technical university Fachhochschule Ostfriesland, Emden, Germany with specialization in Energy/Environment and Process Control. Learning from the ground up (started his career as IT Manager of a mid-sized Architecture Firm), his experience covers all aspects of IT, a variety of business sectors and led him through 5 countries. Having see both sides of the IT coin (IT operations & Professional services) his experience covers Construction,Engineering and Manufacturing, R&D, Marketing, Media, Telecommunications, Retail, Travel/Transportation, Education, Government, Financial services. His career includes working with well known industry names incl. IBM, Schlumberger, Texaco, Shell, Fujitsu Services (former ICL), BBC, Virgin and Affinity/VIP Internet holdings, Bank of Montreal as well as government in the UK and US. Due to the different demands on his skills he preserved an open vision to technology and its application in the business world. This led him to develop his skills in all aspects of IT may it be technology, business or standards and best-practice related. Over the years he developed his vision of operational efficiency, professional ethics and compliance while dealing with the same challenges presented in different environments. Throughout his career he strove to establish improvements at "the root" making him not only a sought-after expert but also trusted partner. At Schlumberger Geoquest, part of the Schlumberger Group, he experienced the complexity of supporting mixed desktop/server and telecommunication/network infrastructures. He promoted Change Management processes and Operational Efficiency and developed roll-out strategies and best-practices. During his career at Fujitsu Services, formerly International Computers Ltd. (ICL), flagship of the UK IT industry and $48bill systems integrator, he worked with customers from various industries at all levels of management. He architected carrier grade business solutions that supported from 16,000 to 3mm users based on technologies ranging from Server-based Computing (Citrix) over Enterprise/Systems Management & OSS (Openview, Unicenter, SMS) to Unified Messaging and VoIP. As Technical Design Authority he led a global initiative to provide Unified Communication services to customers in the UK, Continental Europe and Africa. The nature of the business led him to play a significant role in pre-sales and service management including developing service metrics based on the ITIL framework. Frank joined the British Computer Society (BCS) following ICL's tradition for senior professionals as well as his search for a professional framework. Since then he has progressed into Chartered Fellowship within the society.

After relocating to Canada in early 2001 he worked on domestic projects as well as internationally (UK, Germany, USA). In addition to mainly infrastructure related challenges he got heavily involved with the opensource world in 2001-2004 during which he build a substantial amount of IP in portal technology. As CTO he helped Savytel Communications, a VoIP startup, with their technical and service strategy as well as formulating internal processes and control. Frank joined PriceWaterhouseCoopers as manager in Sep.'04 and since then has been heavily involved in IT governance, Data Retention, Compliance, Virtualization, Server-based Computing (Thin Client) and Disaster Recovery Strategies. He led the national rollout of Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 to build and migrate to a "Virtual" Branch-Office infrastructure then pioneered Utility Computing by leveraging Virtualization as platform for Enterprise IT Utility services (BCS Article: Virtualisation, ROI or opportunity?). Continuing to apply this model he pursued his Utility vision on the Thin Client platform. The innovative ideas put in action through these initiatives gained him industry attention and recognition. Coming from a High-Performance Computing background he pioneered next-generation 64bit technology, initially for Virtualization, then for high-throughput Thin Client applications. From '07 he continues to build on his legacy within Telus where he focuses strongly on the business side. He is responsible for strategy and roadmap development in the Collaboration space under inclusion of Workplace efficiency, Productivity and Workforce empowerment (High Performance Workplace). In 2008 he took on an additional responsibilities in project management and drives the adoption of Open Source to enterprise maturity. Further to this he strategically led Collaboration and Social Technology as well as supports the business in its overall Records Management efforts, particular eMail Compliance and eDiscovery. Opportunity being a constant he was engaged to once more help deliver IT as Cloud offering and while staying on the innovative forefront he continues to drive IT best-practices and create continued improvements on governance and control. In 2012 he decided to follow his passion for business performance. As Prestige Performance Consulting's VP for services he focuses most of his energy to serving a growing client base and create opportunity for innovation and value.

Frank is ITIL certified, a Chartered BCS Fellow and COBIT practitioner. He is a founding member of the Upper Canada (Toronto) section, engaged in the itSMF Vancouver board, Board of Trade comittees and appears as public speaker. He shares his vision, ideas and experience on industry forums and advisory boards. You can contact him via email @ frank.boesche@prestige-consulting.ca.

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