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This space is provided to publish professional profiles of membership community. The biographies are written and published by members themselves. The content is sole responsibility of the individual authors.

Biography of Steven Potter

Mr. Steven Potter I.S.P., IEng, MIED, MBCS CITP

Systems Software Design Engineer

Last updated:  

Computer Systems Software Design Engineer with more than 30 years of international computer programming experience in marine, aerospace and engineering industries, including Military Radar, Radio, Automatic Test Systems, Diagnostic and Development Tools, Compilers, Operating Systems, Flight Simulators, Nuclear Power Plant Control, Digital Voice, Fire and Damage Control, Data Acquisition and Machinery Control, Automatic Door Control and Obstruction Detection, Real-Time Embedded Control, Surveillance and Security, Telecommunications (telephone and radio), embedded webserver and website file suites, Engineering Support, Customer Liaison, Project Management, Staff and Customer Training, and Support.

In addition to extensive software expertise and experience Mr. Potter is a good communicator, a technical writer, and has a working knowledge of electronics.

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