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Alvares, Desmond
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Pevzner, Elena

News / The BCSinUC in 2013
L. Lahodynskyj
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The BCSinUC in 2013

CIO, University of Ottawa / Chef des technologies de l'information, Université d'Ottawa
Le texte français suit

The Caldwell Partners is very pleased to be assisting the University of ...[more]

Explore the Power of the Wind in the Year of the Pig [Boar] (Ding Hai)
The British Computer Society in Upper Canada (BCS in UC) proudly celebrates the "Year of ...[more]

BCS in Upper Canada donates to Covenant House
Just before the Christmas, on Friday December 22, Desmond Alvares and Elena Pevzner from the ...[more]

"My Events" now available
Wondering how many events you attended ?
Needed to update CPD/Careerbuilder points?

"My Events" is now available ...[more]

BCS Upper Canada Publishing area opened
Welcome to the BCS in Upper Canada publications and posting space. The membership community in ...[more]